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Since 2005, we have been building high quality baluns and ununs for Amateur Radio, military and commercial applications. Our units are based on the researched and tested designs of Dr. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI, are hand wound with the best available components and can be customized to fit your needs. Please contact us if you require a special ratio, connector configuration or enclosure design as we can build a match to most requests.

Because of the numerous model configurations we offer for our baluns and ununs, all units are built to order. This process assures the highest quality and attention to detail for each unit produced.


There is an old saying in business:  Quality, Price, Delivery...pick two.
Balun Designs
builds "Quality Baluns at Affordable Prices" so we ask you to be patient with our delivery.

Current Production Time: 3 - 5 business days.

All products come with a 30 day "No Questions Asked" Exchange/Upgrade policy and a Lifetime Warranty

Need reassurance of product quality and performance?
Please take a moment to read the eham reviews for our 1:1 baluns, 4:1 baluns and numerous other models.

For a better understanding of what baluns do and their importance to your antenna installation,
please read this brief Overview of how baluns work.


Featured Categories
1:1 Isolation/Choke Baluns
1:1 Isolation/Choke Baluns

All Isolation/feedline choke baluns
4:1 Baluns
4:1 Baluns

Current and Voltage Baluns with 4:1 Impedance transformation
All Low Power (QRP) Units
All Low Power (QRP) Units

Units typically rated under 300-400 watts

Unbalanced to unbalanced designs of all ratios.

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