4:1 Balun 1.5 - 54 Mhz for OCF Dipole - 5kW   #4114ocf

4:1 Balun 1.5 - 54 Mhz for OCF Dipole - 5kW #4114ocf

Manufacturer: Balun Designs
SKU: 4114ocf
Price: $82.95


In an effort to provide a 4:1 current balun with the tolerance of the model 4113 and the choking/isolation attributes of the model 4115, Balun Designs has developed the model 4114ocf.  By utilizing our stacked core technology, we have created a 4:1 current balun that easily tolerates the imbalance caused by the proximity of large structures and metal roofs while still providing good choking impedance, excellent transformation and high power capability.

This balun is an excellent step up from the model 4113 and not as sensitive as the model 4115ocf.  If you like to run high power, but need to erect your OCF dipole with a leg over or near your house, barn, garage or metal building, this is the balun of choice.  The stacked cores double the choking and isolation while retaining the forgiving nature of windings on a single core. 
This same balun is also available in different connector configurations.  Goto the Model 4114  for complete information. 


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All testing done with an AIM-4170 uhf Network Analyzer and precision 200 ohm load

Note: This 4:1 current balun is NOT the type used for an Original Windom which has a vertical coaxial radiator. 
Model 4125  should be used to allow RF to pass to the vertical radiator. 


There are a number of interesting designs for OCF dipoles available on our website under the
Antenna Design links listed in the "
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