QRP  1:1 Isolation/Choke balun 1-54 MHz - #1110
QRP 1:1 Isolation/Choke balun 1-54 MHz - #1110
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QRP 1:1 Isolation/Choke balun 1-54 MHz - #1110

Manufacturer: Balun Designs
SKU: 1110
Price: $46.95
$46.95 1110b - Binding Posts on sides
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This QRP balun is wound with mil spec teflon insulated coax which provides a consistant 50 ohm impedance for the windings. The design provides high levels of isolation, RF choking and excellent return loss for those who want high performance in a compact, portable and light weight size.

This model is the popular Isolation/choke balun that is perfect for feedline isolation, noise reduction and RFI management. The model 1110b and 1110w are great for quickly deploying a center fed monoband dipole or monoband verticals.


The enclosure for the low power units is small, lightweight and portable, but NOT intended for long term or permanent outdoor use. If used in a long term outdoor installation, additional attention must be given to weatherproofing and possible strain relief. Damage caused by such use is not covered under our lifetime warranty.

Be sure to look at the unique mounts available for the QRP line of baluns

This is a current balun and has the widest operating frequency range, lowest core stress and provides the best overall balance of any balun for given cost, size, and weight. This balun is the best type to balance currents on each side of a 1/2 wave dipole or the driven element of a yagi while providing the perfect transition from a balanced antenna to unbalanced coax feedline.

Installing this balun will not affect antenna matching unless the feedline is acting as part of the antenna. This is, of course, not a desirable situation and installing this balun will correct the problem if one exists with the antenna. In beam installations, using a 1:1 balun in series with the antenna’s feed system can substantially improve the antenna’s front-to-back and front-to-side ratios. It does this by providing the antenna's driven elements with balanced current at the feedpoint and by preventing the feedline from acting as part of the antenna.

It is a seldom appreciated fact that feedlines, which are not adequately decoupled, can act as efficient vertical antennas degrading an otherwise excellent radiation pattern. The addition of a 1:1 balun can significantly reduce feedline radiation and dramatically decrease RFI and TVI. Beam antennas especially benefit from improved balanced drive and superior feedline isolation, but even simple dipoles benefit from properly selected and installed 1:1 current baluns. Receiver noise may also be reduced by eliminating signal pickup by the coax shield.

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