4:1 for OCF Dipoles  1.5 - 54MHz  5kW  #4115ocf
4:1 for OCF Dipoles 1.5 - 54MHz 5kW #4115ocf
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4:1 for OCF Dipoles 1.5 - 54MHz 5kW #4115ocf

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This design is built by winding individual cores as 1:1 choke baluns and then cross connecting them.  This creates a 4:1 current balun with excellent isolation and choking is the result. A  very good choice to build a multiband Off Center Fed dipole around, but please note the caution statement below. 

If you look closely at the images, you can see the individually wound cores that form the balun. Each core has 10 individual turns to generate maximum choking impedance and produce near perfect transformation. The black polymer spacer is used to insure proper separation of the individual baluns at all times. The balun includes the Top Hanger Eyebolt so you have a complete package for your antenna project.

Please review the test scans below to appreciate the excellent specs this balun offers.

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All testing done with an AIM-4170c Network Analyzer and precision 200 ohm load


If one or both legs of your OCF dipole will be installed over or close to (< 20 feet) your house, a large structure (garage, barn, etc) or near (< 30 feet) a metal roof/structure and you will run 700+ watts DO NOT use this 4115ocf balun.  The interaction/coupling of the antenna with the structure and or metal will create excessive flux in one core and subsequent damage to the balun. Instead use the Model 4114ocf which utilizes a single stacked core designed to handle the imbalance caused by any interaction or coupling.

There are a number of interesting designs for OCF dipoles available on our website 
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