New Shipping Option for International Customers


In and effort to reduce the cost of international shipments, Balun Designs is now offering shipment of single units in a padded flat rate envelope.  This method reduces the cost of shipping a balun or unun from approximately $39 USD to $18.50 with the same transit time.  Unfortunately, tracking and insurance are not available with this option.

Customers who select this option should be aware that this method does not offer the same level of physical protection that our normal shipping method provides.  Consequently there exists the slight possibility of external physical damage.  We have used this method several times already with excellent results, but as with any new process, long term use will provide a better guide regarding feasibility.  It also appears that this method usually passes through customs quicker and tends to be evaluated as being "lower cost" then when boxed.

Shown below is an example of both methods for your evaluation.  On the left is our normal box with foam "peanut" packing and on the right is the padded envelope method.  Although weights are within a few ounces of each other, the envelope is a flat rate method that ships for less than half the cost of the box.  Our units are very strong and should not have any problem shipping via this method, but we want to make all our international customers aware of any potential downside.




This shipping option is good for ONE unit only and orders of two or more must be shipped via our normal boxed method.  If you would like to use this lower cost offer, please email us at indicating the unit and connector configuration you would like to order.  In turn, we will send you an electronic invoice that will show the lower cost shipping and can be paid with any credit card or Paypal.

When you receive the shipment, please let us know of any problems or damage that might have occured so we can track any issues associated with this service offering.  If we continue to receive positive feedback using this option, we will make it a permanent offering for single unit orders.