"The Inside Story"

Just a few of the benefits received when you purchase Balun Designs vs Brand X




Professionally soldered ring terminals for connections                            vs                            the Brand X method of using tabs and solder bridges.                       




        Balun Designs craftmanship like this                               vs                             Brand X soldering work which looks like this.




              Heavy build Polyamideimide (240 C) insulated wire inserted in individual Teflon tubes     vs     Brand X use of bare copper and standard enamel wire with a single Teflon tube  




Attention to detail such as dressed and soldered leads like this            vs                     the Brand X method which is delivered this way.             




                                     A rugged core stabilizing system developed by Balun Designs         vs        the Brand X chunk of foam that traps heat and moisture in the cores.      




            A Balun Designs finished product                                                vs                                 the Brand X sort of finished product.



Additional Benefits

Balun Designs                                                                      Brand X                    

                      Expert support,  a Lifetime warranty and 30 day no questions exchange policy             -                  a one year warranty                                  

                            Published test data of actual performance using AIM-4170c Network Analyzer        -         broad, unsubstantiated claims of better specs            

                      Essex Heavy build (240 C) Allex 240 Winding Wire  used in all wire models           -            wire with an unidentified "special" insulation

                      Availability of numerous connector types                                                      -                                           not available

                      No charge customization of enclosure layout                                                -                                            not available

                      Complete pictures of both outside and inside of each and every model                 -                small internal picture of a single unit


   The fact is Brand X copied both the model numbers and enclosure configuration designators developed by Balun Designs!  Apparently the method used by the Brand X R&D department to "perfect" their baluns relied heavily on the Balun Designs website.   There is, however, a significant difference between being the Balun Designs innovator and the Brand X imitator.

        John Ruskin said  "There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man's lawful prey".  

       This adage is even more pertinent today especially when you see the big differences in quality that a few dollars buys.


All photos taken of actual products as delivered by each company.  Other than resizing and cropping, no manipulation or retouching of any type was performed on the photographs.  All units used for photographs are available for inspection.