Effect of Stray Capacitance

test-high-precision.jpg Test Setup using High Precision 50 ohm Load


model-1115-precision-load-med.jpg  Figure 1 

The scan in Figure 1 show the results using an AIM 4170UHF network analyzer utilizing a high precision 50 Ohm load.  


test-wire-leads.jpg Test setup utilizing a 50 ohm non inductive resistor w/ wire leads


model-1115-leads-med2.jpg Figure 2

This is the same scan with the only difference being the 50 ohm load now has wire leads.  Note the dramatic impact of stray capacitance picked up by the leads of the resistor.




For those interested, here is the full layout of the test setup using the AIM 4170.  We should also note the impact of this capacitance is the most noticeable on 1:1 baluns.  The complex winding of other ratios tends to dampen or eliminate the effect of this capacitance on test results.