NLM2 - QRP Balun/Unun Mount

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This is a great little mount for our low power (QRP) series of baluns and ununs. Weighs next to nothing and attaches with simple releaseable/reusable zip ties. The only limitation to the size of the pole or mast, is the size of the zip ties you use.  The bolt is press fit into the mounting shoe, so it's completely removable (patent pending). Mount comes with two zip ties that will accommodate a pole/pipe up to 1 & 7/8ths outside diameter.  Note that once installed, the NLM mounts would need to be removed before a unit could then be used with the QDP7 dipole plate.

Only the small black low power enclosure can be used with this mounting system. It will not work with the large grey weatherproof enclosures.

The Model SSC2  SSC2_thumb.jpg should be used with the larger enclosures.

Unit in photo for illustrative purposes only and is NOT included.