Teflon Tubing Availability

1/14/22 - All orders in house for units using Teflon tubing will be built ASAP and shipped with no delay. 

We have just been notified by our Teflon tubing supplier that our resupply order of 10k feet (now 8 weeks old) will be delivered more in the range of 16-19 weeks.  This would fall around the end of March and we currently have about 1000 feet left. We have also checked the two other major suppliers of this tubing and all are quoting 16-20 weeks.

In addition, we have a current backlog of orders that incorporate this tubing, so until we build out these units we have no way of knowing what will be left over.  We are also actively looking for alternate sources and hopefully will be able to bridge the gap.

So in the mean time, most units built with this tubing will be on hold until we can evaluate our remaining stock of tubing and whether or not we can find an alternative source or sources. We will post updates on our Homepage as they become available.

Once again our apologies but this is just another victim of the supply chain chaos.


1/31/22-  The orders received today will deplete our remaining Teflon tubing stock.  We have several alternative suppliers we are pursuing but it still appears it will be at least two weeks before any new supply of tubing is delivered.  Because of this we must suspend new orders for units requiring this tubing until we can confirm a resupply is on the way.