Why is your website seldom open for orders.

When we started Balun Designs in 2006 we never envisioned the order volume we are currently experiencing.  As many of you know, our units are hand built to order and because of the technical and manual skills required to build a unit correctly,  increasing production volume is not as easy as just adding staff.  Quality units take time and skill to build correctly!

We truly work 7 days a week attempting to keep up with orders but unless we manage the flow of new business, we will continue to fall behind and our backlog will only continue to increase.  So we are trying and have tried several different methods to control order flow. 

Everything from staying open until the backlog became too large and then closing to catch up, to opening the website to orders on specific days for a limited number of units.  Every iteration we have tried has understandably bothered folks for any number of reasons.

We are committed to keeping delivery times as short as possible and not allow our backlog to approach 80-100 units.  To reach this goal we have no choice but to manage the flow of new orders.  We apologize in advance and would welcome any constructive ideas to better serve our customer base.


Bob Rumsey, KZ5R, Owner

Balun Designs LLC