About Balun Designs

As a long time Amateur Radio operator, I have noticed there is no source for a quality balun or unun that doesn't require lots of money. If you buy a unit for a cheap price, you get just that, a cheap product that usually fails in a short period of time or under performs.

This small business is built on the premise that:

1) A quality product can be offered at a reasonable price so most or all hams can afford these important operating tools.

2) A quality product can still be sourced and manufactured in the USA.

3) Customer service is not dead.

Contact and Shipping Information:

Email: For ALL balun/unun product application and/or customization questions - bob@balundesigns.com
For all other questions (product specs, order status, shipping questions etc) - info@balundesigns.com

Phone: 817-832-7197 Monday thru Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM - Mountain Time Zone

Shipping Address: Balun Designs LLC
                           290 State Hwy 220
                           Alto, NM 88312

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