Shipping Information


Effective January 1st 2021, Balun Designs is suspending all shipments outside the North American continent.  New foreign VAT requirements,  exponentially rising shipping costs, unreliable shipping services, rising domestic demand and component shortages have all combined to force this difficult decision.  We will attempt to reevaluate our position once the impact of the pandemic begins to subside and operations return to normal. We recommend Shipito for excellent shipping rates when forwarding from the US.

In an effort to eliminate shipment errors, we can no longer offer shipping via Priority Mail International flat rate envelope to destinations other than Canada. Unless specifically requested otherwise, all shipments outside of North America will be shipped in a standard box with insurance included for full value of contents. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the number of misdirected shipments has risen dramatically and we can no longer replace shipments without having insurance to cover our losses. Any and all taxes and or duties levied by particular countries are the responsibility of the recipient.


  • All shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail and Priority Mail International. UPS, Fedex or Priority Mail Express are available by special request.
  • Domestic shipments include tracking, delivery confirmation and contents coverage up to $100.
  • International shipments include delivery confirmation, tracking and insurance for the stated value.
  • Stated value for Customs will be actual cost unless a lower value is specifically requested.
  • If a lower stated value is requested, any loss recovery will be based on the reduced amount.
  • To provide full replacement of international shipments, we must ship in a box (Canada Excluded) and show actual value of contents.


Delivery Times

Domestic - 2-3 business days which includes Saturday. Some rural areas may require one additional day.
International - 6-10 business days but can vary based on the time required by the Customs Service in each country for processing.

Rates (all amounts in US Dollars)

Domestic - (50 states plus territories) All units shipped boxed
1 "QRP" low power unit only - $9.35
1 unit - $11.75
2 units - $12.35
3 units - $14.95
4 units - $14.95
5-6 units - $19.85

Canada - All Provinces
1 unit - padded envelope - $28.55
1 unit - box - $44.90
2 units - $44.90
3 units - $48.25
4-6 units - $61.75


                                                                   ++++ USPS Shipping Disclaimer ++++

USPS states that in most cases, the expected delivery date reflects a delivery time of 1, 2 or 3 business days and is based on origin, destination and drop-off time. The expected delivery date for Priority Mail does not come with a money-back guarantee and Balun Designs LLC is not responsible for the cost of shipping.

Last updated July 3, 2020