The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Ever wonder what's inside those "sealed" baluns?  Certainly seems there are many manufacturers who would prefer you not know.  Over the years we have collected pictures of many of these units and here are a few examples for comparison.   First is our model 4115  which is a dual core, 5kW 4:1 current balun.4115t.jpg

Here are some of the same 4:1 models from other companies.



 Next we have our model 4113 which is a single core, 4:1 current balun, 3kW unit. dsc-0002.jpg

And again those that would call theirs the same.





 Lastly the venerable 1:1 current/choke balun which is also a feedline isolation and RFI suppression balun  Here are models 1115 and 1116d.

1115i-new.jpg 1116det.jpg

 With competitive offerings for your comparison.





In the immortal words of John Ruskin, "There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey".