Instructions & Downloads

Instructions and Support Documents

  Basic Installation Notes for all Standard Units

  Installation Notes for QRP Baluns & Ununs

  Installation Notes for Unun models 4130, 4132, 4134, 4932, 4935, 9130, 9132 & 9135

  Installation of Model 4124x

  Recommended Open wire/Ladder Line Feedline Lengths for Multiband antennas

   Link to Dimensional Drawing of Standard (grey) Enclosure

   Link to Dimensional Drawing of Low Power (black) Enclosure

                     Off Center Fed Dipole - Design Links

Very Good "Standard Design" OCF

OCF Excel Design Program by Walt (KK1CW)

OCF with 80%-20% feedpoint by W8JI

A six band loaded OCF dipole by ON4AA


                        Instructions for Completion of Balun Kits

Models 1115u-k, 1115t-k and 1115et-k