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Long Wire Radiation Patterns

22nd May 2021

This is a partial reprint (with permission) of an excellent series of articles published by KV5R on shortwave antennas. His full series can be found at As previously stated, a ½ … read more

SWR and the Impact of Your Feedline

Posted by Walt Fair, W5ALT on 31st Dec 2019

Reprinted with permission of Hamuniverse, this is an excellent explanation of SWR and how to best measure it.What is SWR?SWR or Standing Wave Ratio is one of the most misunderstood terms in amateur ra … read more

Effect of Stray Capacitance on Testing

Posted by Bob, KZ5R on 12th Sep 2019

We occasionally receive emails from customers who feel their balun is defective because they are unable to replicate our test results. This is due in large part to the effect of stray capacitance pick … read more

All About the 1:1 Current/Choke Balun

Posted by Jerry Sodus, KM3K on 18th Oct 2018

How a 1:1 Guanella-Balun (Current-Balun) Operates By Jerry Sodus, KM3K In the spirit of the hobby, I pass along what I have learned and don’t profess to know all the answers. 1. The primary reason … read more