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Effect of Stray Capacitance on Testing

Posted by Bob, KZ5R on 12th Sep 2019

We occasionally receive emails from customers who feel their balun is defective because they are unable to replicate our test results. This is due in large part to the effect of stray capacitance pick … read more

All About the 1:1 Current/Choke Balun

Posted by Jerry Sodus, KM3K on 18th Oct 2018

How a 1:1 Guanella-Balun (Current-Balun) Operates By Jerry Sodus, KM3K In the spirit of the hobby, I pass along what I have learned and don’t profess to know all the answers. 1. The primary reason … read more

Noise Sources, RFI and their Suppression

Posted by Bob, KZ5R on 20th Mar 2017

With the advent of new technology in TV's, power supplies/chargers, new lighting products and other modern devices, there is an unfortunate downside from the electronic noise many of these items gen … read more

Balun and Unun Core Material Selection

Posted by Various on 7th Nov 2016

This is why use of a mix 43 for HF applications is almost always a mistake.Balun and Unun Core SelectionTransmitting balunsOccasionally errors are made regarding core selection and this especiall … read more