Model 1142s - 1:1 FCP Isolation Transformer 2kW

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  • Model 1142s - 1:1 FCP Isolation Transformer  2kW
  • Model 1142s - 1:1 FCP Isolation Transformer  2kW

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This is a unique 1:1 transmission line transformer intended to provide highest possible isolation between input and output.  Consequently there is no direct electrical connection between the input and output with all RF energy being conducted through the massive iron powder core.  This makes the FCP antenna very quiet while also providing the required inductance for matching to the folded counterpoise. This transformer is intended for use only with the FCP antenna design.

 Specifications meet the K2AV FCP Isolation Transformer requirements used with his Folded Counterpoise for 160 or 80 meters.

Use this link to Guy's (K2AV) very informative website for additional construction information.

Important: If you own one of our FCP transformers built prior to March of 2019, please use this link to review updated installation information that may increase the performance of your FCP antenna.

I recently asked Guy (K2AV) the designer of the FCP if he would tell me what the best lengths for the Inverted L portion of the antenna should be.  His response is available here for download and is extremely informative.



  Core Material   Large 3" DOUBLE HEIGHT iron powder toroid for excellent low frequency performance.
  Core is coated and sealed for long term durability.
  Winding Type  Single bifilar wire pair wound as 1:1 transformer/isolation balun.
  Winding Material   Heavy gauge polyimide Allex 240 Winding Wire
  Windings are inserted into Teflon tubes increasing total breakdown to 10,000 volts.  
  Power Rating   1.8 - 2.0 MHz or 3.5 - 4.0 MHz - 2kW
  All ratings based on resonant load. High SWR will reduce power handling ability.
  Useable Frequency   Band specific - Complete coverage for 160m or 80m depending on unit.
  Insertion Loss   Less than 0.2db
  Connectors   SO-239 connectors are gold center conductor with Teflon insulation.
  Studs and eyebolts are 1/4 inch.
  Alternate connectors and Mounting Options are available in the Accessories section.
  Hardware   All Stainless Steel
  Enclosure Type   NEMA rated 4x marine grade junction box for outdoor installations.
  Cover utilizes integral neoprene gasket for weatherproof integrity.
  Dimensions   4x4x2 inches for main body of unit
  Additional Info     Heavy duty iron powder core is very tolerant of high temperatures.

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