Model 1435 - 1:4 Unun (12.5 to 50 ohms) 5kW

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  • Model 1435 - 1:4 Unun (12.5 to 50 ohms) 5kW
  • Model 1435 - 1:4 Unun (12.5 to 50 ohms) 5kW
  • Model 1435 - 1:4 Unun (12.5 to 50 ohms) 5kW

Available to order Saturday, April 20th


12.5 Ohms unbalanced to 50 Ohms unbalanced

This unbalanced design is excellent for matching antennas such as inverted L's, short vertical wires and other low feedpoint impedance designs. Windings for this model feature custom hand made low impedance coax to provide high power capability.

Unlike Baluns, Unun's (unbalanced to unbalanced) provide impedance transformation for antennas that are naturally unbalanced because of their configuration. Even though many unun's appear small in size, they are able to handle very high power (matched/resonant condition) because of their excellent efficiency. It should be noted that the winding design of ununs provide little to NO common mode or RF choking impedance.

  Many other unun ratios are available by contacting us via the methods shown under the About Us tab.

This is a specialty wind and due to the custom nature of this unit, is not eligible for exchange or return unless there is a defect in materials or workmanship.


  Core Material   Custom mix low permeability ferrite by Fair Rite Products for maximum bandwidth.
  Core is coated and sealed for long term durability.
  Winding Type   Individual core wound with coax configured as a 1:4 unun.
  Winding Material   Custom hand made low impedance coaxial cable.  
  Power Rating   5kW into resonant load of 12.5 ohms
  Useable Frequency  1 - 31 MHz
  Insertion Loss  Less than 0.1db
  Connectors   SO-239 connectors are gold center conductor with Teflon insulation.
  Studs and eyebolts are 1/4 inch.
  Alternate connectors and Mounting Options are available in the Accessories section.
  Hardware   All Stainless Steel
  Enclosure Type   NEMA rated 4x marine grade junction box for outdoor installations.
  Cover utilizes integral neoprene gasket for weatherproof integrity.
  Dimensions   4x4x2 inches for main body of unit
  Dimensional Drawing of Standard Enclosure
  Additional Info   Very high efficiency (98-99%) 

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