Optional RF Connectors

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  • Optional RF Connectors
  • Optional RF Connectors
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Alternative RF connector rather than the standard SO-239 UHF connector.  Choose an N or BNC connector for installation with your balun / unun purchase and, of course, no extra shipping.  Both models are teflon insulator and gold plated center conductor.   Either model will be silver or nickel coated depending on availability.

These connectors are available only for installation on and with the purchase of a new balun/unun from Balun Designs and are not available for individual sale. 
Balun Designs reserves the right to cancel any alternate connector purchase that does not include a balun/unun purchase.

 We do not recommend the use of a BNC connector with our high power units due to disparity between the large gauge wire used to wind the high power units and the relatively small solder cup offered on BNC connectors.

Please note the price shown is for ONE connector. If you purchase only one connector for a model that utilizes 2 coax connectors in the design, you will receive a unit with one SO-239 and one alternate connector.


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