TEB1 - Top Support Eyebolt

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Additional eyebolt for the top of a balun or unun to allow hanging from a yard arm, hoisting up in a tree or whatever. All stainless steel hardware includes outer locking nut with washer, internal Nylok locking nut and a large fender washer inside to distribute the total weight being supported. The NEMA enclosure is very robust and when used with this eyebolt, can handle over 200 lbs of weight or pulling force. For safety reasons and to prevent accidental shorts, the model TEB1 cannot be installed on balun or unun models with the suffix "t" (studs on top)

This eyebolt can be installed on any balun/unun utilizing our standard grey NEMA enclosure but is NOT compatible with our low power (small black enclosure) line of baluns or ununs.

 Pictures are for demonstration of the top eyebolt only and the price does not include a balun/unun or enclosure.