9:1 Unun 1.5 - 54MHz - 5kW - #9135

9:1 Unun 1.5 - 54MHz - 5kW - #9135

Manufacturer: Balun Designs
SKU: 9135
Price: $82.95
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This design is excellent for matching both long and short length unbalanced wire antennas for multiband use. Allows the internal tuner of most rigs to tune remotely mounted single wire antennas. This unit utilizes stacked cores for increased power handling and added inductance for the lower frequencies.  Be sure to review the various lengths in the link below to obtain the lowest SWR across most if not all HF bands.

Installation Notes and Wire Length/SWR Table

This unun should be used with the wire lengths listed in the table shown in the above link. Use of the 9135 for "random" wire lengths, other than shown, can potentially create an impedance that is too low for an ATU to match. If a wire length not shown in the table is installed, an antenna analyzer should used to determine the actual feedpoint impedance that will require matching for each band of operation.

"This is to confirm that I received the above mentioned order on 10/21/11. I would like to thank you for the prompt service and excellent condition in which the item was received. I have since erected a wire antenna at 40', using the installation-chart. I used the 53 ft lgth to start with and found the SWR-specs according to the chart to be almost dead-on. I worked the T32C expedition this past week-end on 9-bands with the single wire antenna and was very pleased with the ability of the #-9135 Unun, didn't need to use more than 100wts but if needed I knew the Unun could handle the added 'HorsePower". Thanks again for a great product, and I might soon be in the market for another one of your stout products, but will enjoy using the one I now have. 73..Alex" 

Ununs are intended for use with unbalanced antennas such as verticals and long wires. 
They will not work with balanced designs such as dipoles or loops and use with a balanced antenna may cause damage to the unit.

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