Model 9130sw - 9:1 Unun 1.5 - 54 MHz - 300 watts

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  • Model 9130sw
  • Model 9130sw - 9:1 Unun 1.5 - 54 MHz - 300 watts

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Designed for use with single wire unbalanced antennas, this new addition is small, compact and perfect for quick portable/emergency installations. This 9:1 Unun (450-50 ohms) will easily handle 300 watts and covers 1.5 - 54 MHz. Using this unun will allow transceivers with internal antenna tuners to work most if not all HF bands. For optimum results, please use the link below to select best wire length and lowest SWR. A good ground or counterpoise may also be required.  Excellent for use with portable/low power rigs. 

BNC & N connectors are available in "Accessories & Connectors" section of our website


I had time to work the bands with my modest KX3 with 10 watts to my 124.5' long wire with both your 9:1 and 1:1 installed as directed. First I am hearing more distant stations than I ever have in all my years of being a ham. Here are some confirmed contacts:

20m - India (a first)
80m - Russia & Italy (another first)
20, 15 & 10 - work into Japan consistently
10m - Patagonia Argentina

I attribute these results with your products and would highly recommend them to anyone.  Best of all I can work every band with great results on 160-10m.  Not bad for just a piece of wire!!

73's Don


By design, the enclosure for our low power units is small, lightweight and portable, but not intended for long term or permanent outdoor use.
If used in a permanent outdoor installation, additional attention must be given to weatherproofing and strain relief.

  Installation Notes and Recommended Wire Lengths

This unun should be used with the wire lengths listed in the table shown in the above link. Use of the 9130 with "random" wire lengths, other than those shown, can potentially create an impedance that is too low for an ATU to match. If a wire length not shown in the table is installed, an antenna analyzer should used to determine the actual feedpoint impedance for each band of operation.

Ununs are intended for use with unbalanced antennas such as verticals and long wires. They should not be used with balanced designs such as dipoles or loops. Use with a balanced antenna may cause damage to the unit.

Be sure to look at the unique mount we have for our line of low power units available in Accessories .




  Core Material
  Custom mix low permeability ferrite by Fair Rite Products for maximum bandwidth.
  Core is coated and sealed for long term durability.
  Winding Type
  Single core with trifilar wire winding configured as 9:1 unun
  Downward impedance transformation by factor of 9. i.e. 450 ohms to 50 ohms.
  Winding Material
  Superior Essex Heavy build polyimide Allex 240 Winding Wire 
  5000v breakdown voltage
  Power Rating
  1.5 to 35 MHz - 300 watts, 35 to 54 MHz - 200 watts.  
  All ratings based on resonant load. High SWR will reduce power handling ability.

  Useable Frequency   1.5 to 54 MHz
  Insertion Loss
  Less than 0.1db
  SO-239 connectors are silver plated with Teflon insulation.
  Alternate connectors and Mounting Options are available in the
Accessories section.
  All Stainless Steel
  Enclosure Type
  Polycarbonate (ABS) box with bottom plate that fits flush with the case
  Plate is an exceptional fit that can be easily weatherproofed if desired.

  Very compact 3x2x1.5 inch - Link to dimensional drawing
  Additional Info
  Very high efficiency (98-99%). 
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