QRP 4:1 Unun 1.5 - 54MHz  300 watts  #4130
QRP 4:1 Unun 1.5 - 54MHz 300 watts #4130
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QRP 4:1 Unun 1.5 - 54MHz 300 watts #4130

Manufacturer: Balun Designs
SKU: 4130
Price: $47.95
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Designed for use with wire antennas, this unun is small, compact and perfect for quick portable/emergency installations. This 4:1 Unun (200-50 ohms) will easily handle 300 watts and covers 1.5 - 54 MHz. Using this unun will allow transceivers with internal antenna tuners to work most HF bands.  A 28-31  foot wire will allow 40 thru 10 meter coverage and a 43-50 foot wire will provide access to 80 thru 10 meters.  A good ground or counterpoise is also required.

This model also works well with the
S9 vertical and the wing nut model makes setup and breakdown quick and easy.  If your vertical is 43 foot in height, consider the model 4134s.  This unit provides the additional reactance if you plan to work the lower bands more frequently and also provides a weatherproof enclosure.


The enclosure for the low power units is small, lightweight and portable, but NOT intended for long term or permanent outdoor use. If used in a long term outdoor installation, additional attention must be given to weatherproofing and possible strain relief. Damage caused by such use is not covered under our lifetime warranty.

Be sure to look at the unique mounts available for the QRP line of baluns

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